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RobiComb Lice Zapping Comb   (ref. 6100958)

Zap Lice Dead on Contacto

 The RobiComb is unlike any lice product on the market, It is an electric lice comb that uses MicroCharges tecnoloy to zap lice on contact with a safe electric pulse tha kills lice but wont hurt kids. No more dousing your kids with messy, smelly, toxic chemicals! Simply run the RobiComb through clean, dry hair and listen as you eliminate lice on contact.

Clinically-proven and completely safe for kids. A single RobiComb treats the entire family!

Product Features

  • Detects & kills lice on contact.
  • Coated lice comb tips protect the scalp.
  • Operates with one standard AA battery.


  • Safe for kids & contains no chemicals.
  • No odor & no mess to clean up.
  • RobiComb is reusable - one device treats the entire family.


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