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Crescina Hair Follicular Islands

Following to Labo research on Hair Follicular Islands, a cosmetic treatment in vials for topical use suitable for thinned scalps.

Crescina Ilhas Foliculares

This new formulation takes care of each anatomical and functional structure of the Hair Follicular Island, and supplies the adequate energy for the needs of the island, thus providing a greater impulse to the physiological hair growth.

Specific formulations for man and woman.

Available dosages: 1700, 1900, 2100




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Feeding Collection BOOO

New range of toddler feeding accessories

Suavinex BOOO

Feeding Collection is Suavinex’s range of feeding accessories for eating at home and when out and about. A step-by-step concept that grows with baby from birth to age 2 plus. With a design that is adapted to little hands, lightweight and innovative, we make learning to eat or drink without help easier than ever. Making mealtimes a positive, fun experience.


Already available in pharmacies and parapharmacies.




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